helloooo i'm bo and i legitimately forgot that this was the thing that i kept forgetting to do. i also suck at intros, but i'm really a+ at answering questions. let's do that!

i can always be reached by pm if you have any questions or just want to chat.

meet jade, a self-proclaimed character sadist and character whore. she's been roleplaying for eight years, running several sites in that time frame, and is always eager to explore new plots and ideas with anyone. jade loves having her characters in pain, whether it be emotional or physical, but is absolutely not against throwing some fluff in there now and then (to give her characters hope). if you have any questions, please feel free to pm her on any of her accounts, though you may receive a faster response if you send a message to her admin account.
Admin here, the I'm all three rolled into one account!

PM's and skypes always welcome to any of the three admins! ^^

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 ● rules
 Posted: Feb 21 2016, 08:10 PM
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Site Rules

Staff reserves the rights to edit, update, and add to the rules at any given time.

There's a secret in the rules, and you'll have to answer at the end of the application. This is to ensure people READ the RULES! These are important!

Some things are not explicitly stated. The importance of this is: what staff says goes. Just because it's not in the rules, doesn't mean our decisions aren't valid. Please be cooperative.

Staff are exempt from the character creation rules. This has been discussed thoroughly and fairly among the staff. The staff require the use of character creation to drive the site. We ask your understanding in this matter

    • RESPECT. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding disrespect between all members of the site. We're all here to write and have fun, so respect is very important. There is a three strike system for those who do not follow this rule.
    • RATING. This site is premium and allows 18+ content. Please tag your thread with an [M] to indicate any adult themes, including gore. We don't screen for age, but do be aware, that this website contains these themes. Character age will be allowed case by case.
    • ADVERTISING. Absolutely no advertising on the board except where indicated. If you post any advertisements, outside those forums, you will receive a warning.
    • REGISTERING. Please register ALL accounts with the first and last name of your character, in proper capitalization (ex. Bob Jones). You may include middle name initials (ex. Bob P. Jones).
    • SIGNATURES. Not required, but if you choose to have one, it must be no larger than 500 wide by 250 tall. Any more than that and they'll be removed. One image only.
    • GIFS. You must provide a gif in your mini-profile that is 190 wide by 140 tall. If you are unable to find one, please contact a staff member and they will help you.
    • AVATARS. Must be 200 wide by 350 tall in size to fit with the mini-profile. You must enter the exact same image twice: once under 'edit avatar settings', and once in the proper field in 'edit profile info'.
    • MODESTY. Some of our members access the site from public areas. We ask that your accounts' images (avatar, signature, gifs) be reasonably modest.
    • MAIN CHAT. The chat (to the left or right of the forum depending on skin choice) is available for all members and guests. Respect each other here, too, and please don't spam. If you have questions, please feel free to ask!
    • TAGBOX. The tagbox is for members, but entirely optional, to let each other know when a new thread or replies have been posted. You can read more about tagging here.
    • LITERACY. We expect at least 100 words a post. We value quality over quantity. Please make use of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    • POINT OF VIEW. Writing must be in third person. First person is only allowed in the journals.
    • TEMPLATES. When using thread templates please do not exceed 500 pixels wide. If staff feel a template is too big they have the right to remove it.
    • POWERS. Do not do something that would be a complete jerk move (like writing that you kill another player). Posts such as these are an automatic ban. Everything regarding respect falls under the same category, staff have every right to intervene if warranted.
    • FLUID TIME. You may write in many threads at once, but please make sure not to confuse your own timeline.
    • FACE CLAIMS/PBs. Characters must have human face claims (models, actors/actresses, etc). These face claims must be established in their field (ie, no amateur models, youtubers, etc.) We understand that in today's social media age 'established' is a bit of a blurry line - if you have questions about the suitability of your face claim please ask. Also please bare in mind these current restricted faces.
    • CHARACTER RACE. You may be pretty much any race, but staff reserve the right to refuse any that may be deemed unfitting for the site plot. If it exists in mythological stories, then you can use that race (aka vampire, nymph, werewolf). All must have a human form. Certain races must be applied for, like a canon character, should you wish to have one. These are races that we prefer to keep 'rare'. They currently include unicorns, mermaids, griffins, phoenixes, and undead characters.
    • CHARACTER CANONS. You may apply for any canon possition you like. However you can only do so after your first Character has been approved. You must also apply for the possition and be approved.
    • AGE AND MORTALITY. May not exceed 2,000 years old, and must be at least 18, unless staff approved. Characters cannot be immortal except by age. They must be killable. Only three lives/reincarnating are allowed.
    • Pineapple
    • ABILITIES. Given the range of custom abilities, they are completely up to staff discretion. They may or may not be approved.
    • APPLICATION. You must use our template, without code errors. You have 2 weeks from posting to get your application done.
    • You must have 1 master character for every 2 slaves you create. So if you have 2 slaves when you join, you have to make a master or a hunter (who can also own slaves) before you can make a 3rd slave. There is no character limit as long as this rule is in place.
    • When you apply for your THIRD character, you MUST provide TWO (300 word) posts from each character you have in the new application. They must be within the last 30/31 days, and posted since the creation of your last character, to be valid. If you cannot do this it's assumed you don't have the time for a new character.
    • TIME REQUIREMENTS. You can create two characters immediately upon joining us. After your second character, however, we require two weeks to pass between each of your characters.
    • CHARACTER EDITS. If you feel the need for some drastic character changes, PM an admin and we'll see what we can and cannot do. We always welcome questions.
    • CHECK. There is an active check once a month [the 1st of every month]. You MUST provide a list of characters you wish to save once the active check thread is created. If you do not provide a character name we will assume you want it deleted. You will have until the 15th to complete the check.

    • CLAIMS. If you wish to keep your face claim/canon claim you must make an IC post once every 30/31 days. Claims will be removed every check if accounts are not active.
    • NOTE: If staff feel that a member is not participating on the forum actively, and are simply saving their character month to month rather than being a part of the community, they reserve the right to remove said member. Important canon positions, including (but not limited to) royals and rebel leaders require active members and characters. If staff feel that you cannot accomplish that the position will be reopened.
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