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 ● site plot
 Posted: Feb 21 2016, 08:09 PM
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the site plot

for further background information please read the story of feneria, also located in the info board.

For decades, slavery has existed underground within Feneria. Innocents snatched from the street were sent to the black market, purchased by some wealthy man or woman, and carted off to lives of servitude. Rather than expressing revulsion for the practice, it became more and more morally acceptable as time drew on. Fifteen years ago King Duncan Strathmore made the decision to embrace the practice, bringing economic growth and supposed unity to the kingdom.

Slavery is no longer something that takes place in shady warehouses; clubs have been formed that help facilitate the slave trade by acting as both a place of sale and a place for pleasure. Slaves are no longer confined to their owners homes; they walk the streets in whatever state their owners deem fitting. The wealthy prosper from the kingdom's new laws, while the middle and lower classes know they are at constant risk for upsetting the wrong person, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ending up with a collar around their neck.

Not all have embraced the new practice. The rebels have risen, fighting for the freedom of all slaves and the demolishment of the now accepted system. They fight against masters, mistresses, and the hunters who both supply the trade with fresh meat and seek to recapture those lucky enough to escape their owners clutches. Meanwhile the neutrals try to continue their normal lives, many not taking a stance on the biggest issue in the kingdom for fear of upsetting the wrong people and becoming property themselves.

Who will you become?

plot event/update

After four years of limbo, in the aftermath of the war between Feneria and Fior, there appears to be hope on the horizon. A caravan has arrived in the city flying Fior's colors, and talk of a marriage and alliance between the two kingdoms is at hand.

A long since hidden princess has been discovered, Nevaeh, and she is to be betrothed to the regent King Yevis of Fior. Already banners are being places all over the city depicting the colors of both Kingdoms in union.

While there are whispers that king Duncan lives, his son Altair and daughter Saoirse have fled the city. The Queen has been declared dead, and her death is on their hands.

The public is unaware, in this time of peace and alliance, that a greater danger poses itself. The magic that has protected the kingdom since its' conception is weakening.

A human has discovered the world that resides here, and has managed to find a team of scientists willing to see if his story is true. With their discovery the whole city could be in danger...

Rumors of humans taking over are mere stories and no one has given it more thought than that.

Only time will tell when the rumors will become truth as the humans make their discovery...
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