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 The Lucky Ones, (Open)
Gideon Fjord
 Posted: Apr 4 2018, 04:59 PM
Gideon + 30
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Adjusting to the life of a "champion" or whatever he was now hadn't been easy for Gideon. Even with the higher status that came with being in the top cages, it wasn't at all comfortable and it didn't make sleeping at night any easier. He knew he was still just one hard fight away from death. All it would take was someone stronger, faster, more determined, than him and he'd be a goner. Just another body tossed onto the pile ouside. And all for the amusement of society.

Gideon didn't have time to be angsty about it though. With every waking moment he focused on getting from one situation to the next. First, when he woke, it was all about preparing his body. His brush with death from infection made him more careful with the burns at his neck. He's slather them with the salve given him by the physician every morning, and again at night. They told him he needed to keep them clean.

Then there was eating. In his higher status the quality of food provided him was superior in every way from anything he'd eaten before. It left him lacking little in nutrient and rarely did he feel hungry.

The tattered rags and dusty skin he'd once had was gone and inside his thick black curls were clean and he often enjoyed the privacy of his own shower. In a way, this new "prison" wasn't one at all. He very quickly felt like he could get used to life as a champion.

After waking up and dressing himself, Gideon moved to the door to his prison and looked at it for a moment. He hesitate before lifting his hand. Finding it unlocked, it shook him to the core. Even though he knew it would be, it still always left him feeling a little vulnerable. This new freedom was obscure.

Once out of the room, he made his way to the common room where other champions gathered to socialize. It wasn't lost on Gideon that they were all supposed to get along and be friends in the lap of luxury, but become mortal enemies in the area.

He knew that any of the warriors among them would stab another in the gut as soon as it became necessary for the sake of the crowd. But in the meantime they could talk and be rowdy and in many ways act like they had no care in the world.

Gideon remained apart from the others, skirting around the outside of the room towards the place where the breakfast food waited. Slowly he was warming up to the aspect of being friendly, and if anyone spoke to him he usually replied in kind, but he wouldn't say he'd made any actual friends yet.
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