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 check yes juliet, everett - pre-announcement
nevaeh ryleigh
 Posted: Mar 5 2018, 10:53 PM
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we'll never be
the heavy door closed behind the king, and nevaeh was alone. alone in an unfamiliar room, her room apparently, in a wing of the castle reserved for the royal family. alone with her thoughts, still whirling, with her emotions, still a tornado, with the ornate decorations and lighting that didn't produce a buzz throughout the room. it was silent, soundproofed, nev was sure that even if a gun went off outside of her room she wouldn't be able to hear it, but her mind was screaming.

she couldn't focus. she couldn't think. there was too much for her brain to absorb, and the shock of her location wasn't helping. she wasn't meant to be in this room with the four poster bed, plush curtains, a sitting area and a bookcase twice as tall as she was. this was a room that she was meant to clean, to ensure that it was up to the expectations of the royal family and their guests... not live in, as her apparent father had told her she would be. nev had never wanted to be in the comfort of her own room, shared with two other maids, so badly. the single cot-like bed, tiny dresser, and side table that were the entirety of her furniture had never seemed so comforting.

she wasn't supposed to leave the room, though. or, rather, she wasn't supposed to go anywhere alone. up here she was safe, anywhere else she was not... that was what had been implied, and nevaeh could already tell that she would have to grow used to the warnings that made her rethink everything she had ever done with such confidence in her freedom and safety. but this room was suffocating, despite being over ten times the size of the one she had spent all of her nights in up to this point, the walls were closing in and nev had never felt more closed off. before she knew it she was rising to her feet, stumbling off of the plush bed that she had fallen down on when the king had left and made her way to the doors that barely made a sound as they opened.

there was no one in the hallway, not a single guard and certainly not the king, which was for the best. nev wouldn't be able to explain her actions to them if they tried to stop her and ask her where she was going, but it was instinct. whenever she was upset, whenever she was scared or sad or worried, there was really only one person that could help and only one person that she wanted to help. her path to the gardens was memorized through well over a decade of journeying it immediately after her duties ended for the day, wherever she happened to be in the castle. in her hands the mermaid still grasped the envelope that her mother had sent the king seventeen years earlier, that wouldn't leave her sight for a very long time, but she wasn't quite aware of it, mind on her destination until she found herself outside, blinking against the harshness of the light, or maybe just against the tears that threatened to completely cloud her vision, as she searched out the one person she wanted to see. "Ev?"

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