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 Memories Of You That Are Not Mine [Marc]
Violet Victoria Ward
 Posted: Jan 10 2018, 06:09 PM
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I lift my hands & pray ‘cause life is hard somedays,
But I will not lose faith ‘cause you will lead the way.
Her combats were much more comfortable, but she was graceful still in heels. Violet watched about the room, alert for trouble if it arose. It was her duty to Ian after all, to watch his family. Since she had lost her own she had come to accept Ian’s. Jocelyn still detested her presence I the house, but she remained. The woman had nothing but a harsh tongue towards her, but Violet brushed it off and ignored it, which sometimes caused even more issue with the other woman. Tonight however, least so far, her anger wasn’t directed towards herself at least, rather towards Ian… It was in her body language, it screamed anger, perhaps jealousy? Needless to say Violet would stroll the crowd with Aideen from a distance and avoid line of fire. The siren knew Jocelyn’s anger could be project on her, but if it turned onto Aideen, she wouldn’t stand for it even if she was a slave by Fenerian law.

Violet sipped from her glass and surveyed the rest of the room noting everyone’s faces. Some were more familiar than others. The head guard of the coliseum was here along with his wife and she guessed mistress, the host of course with his slaves, and various other guests. It was odd though. Her senses seemed to linger on a gentleman across the floor who seemed to be watching the crowd much like her. The wine glass touched her lips once more as she turned away to assess her own thoughts. Who was he? Why did she feel a faint draw to him? It stumped her. She didn’t know anyone in Feneria. She only knew Ian’s tight circle in this foreign land far removed from her own. Zephyrus, what is the meaning of this? Are you causing this? It was then she heard her name and was drawn from her thoughts. Dark eyes looked to her companion. “Apologies Aideen, I was distracted.” Violet offered a small smile. “It’s a colourful crowd.” She admitted, although didn’t speak of the man who she felt drawn to. “Be aware that Jocelyn is tense and not pleased with Ian so steer clear. I’ll take you closer to them while I run to the rest room.”

Violet walked Aideen closer to familiar people. Gabel’s people were also here so Aideen had company. She didn’t want to leave the woman alone and wouldn’t be gone for too long. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” The siren spoke as she turned away. She glided across the main room floor and sipped at the last of her wine as she made her way towards a small corridor that she assumed lead to the washroom for guests. She had seen a few people linger from the area so it was and educated guess. The siren found a server and placed her empty glass on the tray. It was courteous to do so rather than leave glasses about the room. She found that to be rather rude. Violet turned to go on her way and took only a few before she felt her right shoulder come in contact with someone.

Her reflexes were better than this, she had been certain her path had been clear. Regaining her footing she spoke. “My apologies, I didn’t realize you were-“ Her eyes lifted to find the face of the man she had seen not long ago. The siren hesitated and her breath held for a moment as she felt her heart skip. What the hell is going on?! Her jaw clenched. Did she know him? She felt hot all over and could feel it wash up into her face. Violet! She mentally reined herself in just in time to save herself from too much embarrassment. “Please excuse me.” She spoke shortly and made way towards the safety of the hallway. A quick step helped her create a bit of distance. The siren could feel her heart racing. This feeling… it was so strange. Her fingertips found the smoothness of the wall as she took shelter. She was shaken up pretty good, but she couldn’t fathom the reason behind such an all-consuming reaction to some stranger at the party. She had never seen the man before in her life and yet her confusion caused an echo of familiarity somewhere within her.

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