helloooo i'm bo and i legitimately forgot that this was the thing that i kept forgetting to do. i also suck at intros, but i'm really a+ at answering questions. let's do that!

i can always be reached by pm if you have any questions or just want to chat.

meet jade, a self-proclaimed character sadist and character whore. she's been roleplaying for eight years, running several sites in that time frame, and is always eager to explore new plots and ideas with anyone. jade loves having her characters in pain, whether it be emotional or physical, but is absolutely not against throwing some fluff in there now and then (to give her characters hope). if you have any questions, please feel free to pm her on any of her accounts, though you may receive a faster response if you send a message to her admin account.
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 Demitri Kensley W-I-P, 760| Neutral| Werwolf
Demitri Kensley
 Posted: Jan 15 2018, 12:48 PM
DK, + 760
Werewolf + Hetrosexual
Cassandra + Female
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Demitri W. Kensley

• on the outside looking in •

hair: Brown, long
eyes: Pale blue
scars/markings: Varies scars over his body, some old, some new, some deep, some light.
general appearance:
Demitri is pretty tall, standing at Six foot three, he’s very muscular with broad shoulders, six pack that leads to what women call a V. He’s very fit, working out is an obsession of the man’s, as well as sparring with those in his Mercenary group. He’s got tan or sun kissed skin mostly due to he spends as much time in the sun as he can. When not in the sun he has a semi pale tone due to the Irish and English blood running through his veins. He’s bulky but that goes hand in hand with his strength, he makes sure to appear intimidating as much as he can.

His height and bulk could easily make him intimidating, but so does the blue chips that can be percepted as hard.He’s usually got a glare in his eyes, or a narrowed stare as he watches those around him. He’s got long brown hair, he keeps it shoulder length though sometimes he will cut it shorter, but that’s a rare sight. He prefers the long hair, and he takes a lot of pride in it, goes with his rough look in his mind. Then there are the many scars covering his body, too many to count, it’s obvious the man is a fighter and a survivor. The man is rough around the edges but carries himself with grace most don’t realize he has.

He also likes to dress in an intimidating way, for example he likes to wear clothes that show off his muscles, his height, clothes that make him look as rough as he is. He wears a lot of leather, black, tight muscle shirts, though he is known to wear fine suis and expensive clothing as well. There is a time and place for suits, but it’s not his everyday look nor does he wear them unless he has to.

• more than meets the eye •

+Horseback riding
+Being in Charge
+Working out
+The smell of Lavender
+Hunting in wolf form

+Children abuser’s
+People without Manners

+Hand to hand Combat
+Multiple Weapon training

+Catherine Ainsworth
+Good looking women
+Good Fight

First thing people will notice about Demitri is that he is Charismatic, dripping with charm, honey’d words. He knows how to talk his way out of most things, he was born with charm, born with honeyed words. He prefers to talk things out peacefully but don’t be mistaken, the man has no problem getting his way through violence. He knows the time for words and the time for his fist to do the talking, he just prefer to let his words do the speaking. He can be very intimidating with his size, those eyes of his, some find it odd that someone so intimidating can be a smooth talker...but he is.

He’s used to getting his way one way or another, he isn’t one to back down just because he gets rejected or denied the first time. His least favorite thing is to get told no, if words fail he has his fist, and a army of wolves backing him. He’s not afraid to turn things violent, he doesn’t like it but he wants what he wants and no one is going to stand in his way. Dem was a born leader, his father an Alpha which is where he gets the need to be in charge from. Though he will never be in charge of his Father’s pack. He’s oddly okay with that now though at one time he would have done anything to be pack leader.

He’s gained power another way, through the Mercenaries he hires out, his army that could easily rival his father’s pack. He’s a loyal man, loyal to those that he can trust, that he knows has his back. He either wants loyalty or fear from those who follow him, there is no inbetween for him. He’s protective of his men and women, his mercenaries and those he calls friend, like Catherine Ainsworth.

Dem isn’t all rough around the edges, he likes to laugh, enjoys the little things in life and can be a good guy at times. However he strives to be the most powerful wolf in the world, he already has some power but it’s never enough for him. He wants more, and he will do anything to get more power, become more powerful. He wants an empire of wolves, everyone to know his name one way or another...the man just doesn’t know how to quiet when he’s ahead. When Cat stepped down, he stepped up and he will not step down to anyone ever again (besides Cat but that’s a whole nother reason).

uses: Want’s no slaves

● in the past ●

history: (at least three well-written paragraphs of three sentences each)

● behind the mask ●

who's-who name:
password: can be locate in the rules section of the site
roleplay sample: (new members only. 300+ words, please. we may supply critique if we feel your writing could use it. sample can be from your otherposts)

• on the other hand •

If you have 2 or more characters:
Activity Links: Please provide links to TWO 300 word posts for each of your accounts within the last 30/31 days.These much be different from your last apps if you have made another character in this time.
ThreadName || Character || Date posted
ThreadName || Character || Date posted

Last Character Application: Please provide the link to your last character made. You cannot make a new character until 2 weeks have passed since your last application was approved.
Character Name || Master/Slave ect

full name: first middle last
age: ##
status rank: slave/neutral/rebel/hunter/master
face claim: first last
Who’s-Who Name | time zone | contact

 Posted: May 24 2018, 02:01 AM
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I know that actor!

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