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helloooo i'm bo and i legitimately forgot that this was the thing that i kept forgetting to do. i also suck at intros, but i'm really a+ at answering questions. let's do that!

i can always be reached by pm if you have any questions or just want to chat.

meet jade, a self-proclaimed character sadist and character whore. she's been roleplaying for eight years, running several sites in that time frame, and is always eager to explore new plots and ideas with anyone. jade loves having her characters in pain, whether it be emotional or physical, but is absolutely not against throwing some fluff in there now and then (to give her characters hope). if you have any questions, please feel free to pm her on any of her accounts, though you may receive a faster response if you send a message to her admin account.
Whisp here, the obsessive plotter and threader :P If I'm turning down one or the other you know the world must be coming to an end! If I'm not working or sleeping you'll own find me lurking about in some dusty corner somewhere.

PM's and skypes always welcome ^^

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No New Posts ● Announcements

Important announcements, including activity checks, will be posted here. Keep yourself informed!

3 18 Oct 13 2016, 06:52 PM
In: activity check
By: Sameen Royce
No New Posts ● Info

All important site information can be found here. A great first stop for potential new members!

10 6 Oct 18 2016, 10:27 PM
In: mini-profiles
By: Staff
No New Posts ● General

Have something to talk about that doesn't involve characters and plots? Going to be away for a while? Post it all here!

Subforums: ● Absences, ●Graphics, ●Suggestions

20 63 Oct 14 2016, 02:19 PM
In: Some time away
By: Mikel Weaver

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No New Posts ● Apply

Come here to apply! Find forms and information within for posting your application.

Subforums: ● General Applications, ● Canon Applications

10 6 Yesterday at 09:25 pm
In: Face Claim
By: Violet Victoria Ward
No New Posts ● Character Extra

plot ads, character ads, trackers, and other ooc character related boards are here!

Subforums: ● Plot Ads, ● Wanted Character Ads

21 66 Yesterday at 07:38 pm
In: Shibari Master seeking new ...
By: Grant Eberhardt

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No New Posts ● Site Plot

This is where major IC plot posts are created by staff, involving changes with the ongoing story.

1 0 Feb 25 2016, 07:28 PM
In: Royal Betrayal
By: Staff

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No New Posts ● Club Infinity

The most popular club in all of Feneria City, this is also one of the locations where the Slave Trade takes place.

6 64 Sep 29 2016, 02:13 PM
In: Just Like Broken Glass To Me
By: Aideen Berkshire
No New Posts ● Sunset Shopping District

The Sunset Shopping District runs down through the entire upper district of the city. Everyday it's abustle with stores, side street shops, and pedestrians. You can find anything here. Its name is given due to its west facing position, giving it the most exposure from the setting sun.

1 3 Sep 11 2016, 02:54 PM
In: Target Practice
By: Gabel Jager
No New Posts ● The Red Rose

Extremely high-profile bar. You need to be the richest of the rich, the most powerful of the powerful, and more, to get into this fancy place.

1 4 Sep 20 2016, 08:50 PM
In: What Do You Desire?
By: Rayne Lucy Renegade
No New Posts ● The Coliseum

Fights to death or until unconscious take place here as slaves are forced into battle against each other. These fights take place underground at a secret location. The only thing kept more low key than the fights, are the entrances to the coliseum, and those participating.

Subforums: ● The Arena, ● The Cages, ● Club Level, ● The VIP Room, ● VIP Level

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No New Posts ● Feneria Castle

A vast elegant building made up of towering white walls. Marble and expensive materials outlined in black jade detail its five stories giving us Feneria's Castle.

1 3 Sep 17 2016, 11:34 PM
In: All In The Family [Nevaeh]
By: nevaeh ryleigh
No New Posts ● Manors

The rich and powerful can afford these beautiful living spaces. Most of the manors are inhabited by masters and hunters, but occasionally they have neutrals or even rebels as neighbours.

Subforums: ● Jack's Manor, ● Delacroix Family Estate, ● Andreev Manor, ● Carmen's Manor, ● Jeremy's Manor, ● Moore Manor, ● Marston Manor, ● Eric Tarr' Manor, ● Larson Manor, ● Raina's Manor, ● Robert Dragon's Manor, ●Maya's Manor, ● Kyle's Manor, • Tierney Manor

37 188 Today at 12:03 pm
In: First Impressions Matter [M]
By: Adam Larson
No New Posts ● Central District

This is, basically, downtown Feneria and holds many restaurants, bars, parks, and shops. Anything that doesn't have a specific place can go here.

Subforums: ● Feneria Hospital, ● Feneria Forest, ● Inkblots, ● Willows Café, ● Alleys, ●Police Department

10 59 Oct 7 2016, 05:33 PM
In: Welcome, Master
By: Zmai Dreki

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No New Posts ● Ever Corp

This building once housed a company owned by a man named Franklin Ever, but when he went bankrupt the building was abandoned. It was recently transformed into The Rebel Alliance's Headquarters and is heavily guarded with magic and traps.

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In: ----
No New Posts ● Alleys

Dark and unsafe, there's nowhere else you'd rather not be late at night. The alleys in the lower district are not a good place to be at any time. Any posts done here will be seen in both of the 'Alley' forms. It's a redirect, not copy, so it does not matter which one you post/reply in.

4 54 Oct 15 2016, 12:28 PM
In: Different Sides of the Chal...
By: jaxon ashton avery
No New Posts ● Nightshade Night Club

The second hottest club in all of Feneria City (or the first, depending on who you're talking to). Nightshade is Club Infinity's biggest competitor. They, too, partake in the Slave Trade, giving you a second option on where to purchase the finest slaves.

3 14 Oct 16 2016, 10:54 PM
In: A New Life Adventure?
By: Rowan Amber
No New Posts ● Hunter's Hollow

Deep within the underbelly of Feneria, down a junction in the sewers, into the rocky caverns, is a secret passage. This leads to the hunter's guild base. Here, the guild gather. It is nearly impenetrable, one must know the way in.

1 2 Oct 4 2016, 07:21 PM
In: Hunter Eats Hunter
By: Draven
No New Posts ● The Black Market

Literally underground, this black market was long before the slave trade became legal. This is a literal market. What would normally be seen as tunnels and underground caverns is a place where all things mystical and illegal can be obtained. There are multiple entrances which are guarded by big burly gents; you need a password or an associate escort to get in. One entrance is located in the alley, another is connected to the Coliseum.

Subforums: ● The Sleeping Spider

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No New Posts ● Siren's Grotto

Siren's Grotto is a brand new escort service that caters to men and the occasional woman. Tucked away in a small, abandoned, and refurbished Shakespearean Theatre, this is an upscale establishment and a far cry from your grandfather's brothel.

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No New Posts ● Homes

Most of these are small and desolate, belonging to people who can hardly afford to live in them, but there are also many nice ones, owned by masters that favour the more simple.

Subforums: ● Xia's Home, ●Ivan's Home, ●Dane Hudson's Home, ●Edur's Condo, ●Rory's Apartment, ● Ace's Place, ● Cole's Apartment, ● Charlotte's flat

15 62 Today at 12:37 am
In: The Re-Align
By: nicole grammer

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No New Posts ● Fior Kingdom

This is the southern Kingdom, ruled by King Lional James Alzer the Tenth. Through marriage with Saoirse, Fior and Feneria have formed an alliance.

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In: ----
No New Posts ● In Your Dreams - AU

Anything you want to write that doesn't pertain to the current story. Your slave can be owned by a different master or live a completely different life. You can write about something canon that happened in the past here.

3 44 Oct 16 2016, 08:42 PM
In: Rescue Me
By: Ana-Louisa Parker

Short burst communications can take place here, including cell phone messages, social media use, and letters.

Subforums: ● E-mails & Computers, ● Post-System and Letters, ● Journals, ● Cell Phones

4 17 Mar 31 2016, 02:32 PM
In: Special delivery
By: Whisp

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No New Posts ● Old Site Threads

Copy and paste threads from the old site here for your records

87 0 Mar 10 2016, 09:53 AM
In: Deed for the Devil
By: Rayne Lucy Renegade

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No New Posts ● Advertise & Affiliation

This board is for advertising and affiliates by both members and GUESTS. Please read our rules regarding affiliating, and be aware that there must be a place for us to link back if you are advertising.

Subforums: ● [align=center] First Posts, ● [center] First Posts, ● Affiliate, ● Link Backs and Accepted

266 5 Oct 19 2016, 02:34 PM
In: A Walk Among the Tombstones
By: Nightwing

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